Table 2

Summary of changes in left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) seen in clinical trials that have influenced clinical practice based on their significant effect on clinical outcome

PCI versus thrombolysis
 Zijlstra et al48PTCA versus streptokinase: 142 patients+6% p=0.004
 Grines et al49PTCA versus rTPA: 395 patients0% p=0.52
 Ribichini et al50PTCA/stent versus rTPA: 110 patients+7.0% p<0.001
ACE inhibitor versus placebo
 SAVE51Captopril versus placebo+1.2% p=0.005
 HEART52Ramipril versus placebo: 352 patients+2.5% p<0.05
β Blockers versus placebo
 CAPRICORN53Carvedilol versus placebo 127 patients+3.9% p=0.015