Table 2

Study characteristics and population of studies included

First authorYearNumber of included patientsH-FABP testPoint-of-care testPrevalence of AMI overall (%)Duration of symptoms at time of testing (median, minutes)H-FABP cut-off (ng/ml)Reference standardBiomarker used in standard/measurement method diagnostic cut-off
Alhashemi200664CardiodetectYes643907ESC/ACCTnI/not mentioned 0.05 μg/l
Chen200493ELISANo34Not known16.8WHOCK-MB/corpuscle chemiluminescence (Beckman Coulter) 4.0 μg/l
Di Serio200530Evidence cardiac panelNo202046.4ESC/ACCTroponin, details not provided
Ecollan2006108CardiodetectYes511397≈ ESC/ACCTnI/Stratus CS (Dade Behring) (0.07 μg/l)/0.07 μg/l
Haastrup2000130ELISANo161688WHOCK + CK-MB/Cobas bio (Hoffmann-La Roche) 210 U/l + 20 U/l
Ilva2008293ELISANo4628210.4ESC/ACCTnI/Architect STAT (Abbott) (0.032 μg/l)/0.032 μg/l
Ishii1997165ELISANo6022912≈ WHOCK-MB/CK-MB (NAC -activated assay) (Boehringer Mannheim) 24 U/l
Lefevre2007100CardiodetectYes363546.2ESC/ACCTnI (measured on 5 sites)/RxL/X Pand (Dade Behring) (0.07 μg/l)(3 sites), Centaur (Siemens) (0.10 μg/l)(2 sites)/0.07 μg/l, 0.10 μg/l
Mad2007280CardiodetectYes351807≈ ESC/ACCTnT/not mentioned 0.04 μg/l
McCann2008415ELISANo483005≈ ESC/ACCTnT/Elecsys TnT assay (Roche) (<0.01 μg/l)/0.03 μg/l
Mion2007132Evidence cardiac panelNo322286.02ESC/ACCTnI/Dimension RxL 0.015 μg/l
Naroo2009791CardiodetectYes13Not known7≈ ESC/ACCTnT/not mentioned 1 μg/l
Okamoto2000189ELISANo74Not known6.2WHOCK-MB/Merck auto CKMB (Kanto Kagaku) 25 U/l
Seino2003371RapicheckYes49Not known6.2WHOCK + CK-MB, details not provided
Seino2004129RapicheckYes24Not known6.2WHOCK + CK-MB, details not provided
Valle2008419CardiodetectYes35747ESC/ACCTnT, details not provided
  • ACC, American College of Cardiology; AMI, acute myocardial infarction; CK-MB, creatine kinase-myocardial band; ESC, European Society of Cardiology; NAC, N-acetyl cysteine; TnI, troponin I; TnT, troponin T; WHO, World Health Organization.