Table 2

Echocardiographic data at baseline

All patientsWomenMenp Value
n=408n=215, 53%n=193, 47%
Aortic valve variables
 AVA, cm20.6±0.20.6±0.20.7±0.2<0.001
 AVA, index, cm2/ m20.3±0.080.32±0.080.34±0.080.03
 Mean gradient, mm Hg64.9±19.767.3±19.262.2±20.00.010
 Aortic jet velocity, m/s5.0±0.85.0±0.84.9±0.80.099
LV geometry
 Septal wall thickness, mm16.2±2.5 (n=111)15.6±2.2 (n=55)16.8±2.7 (n=56)0.008
 Posterior wall thickness, mm14.3±1.9 (n=104)13.9±2.0 (n=52)14.6±1.7 (n=52)0.075
 Relative wall thickness0.67±0.180.68±0.150.67±0.200.8
 LV, mm48.3±7.346.1±6.550.7±7.3<0.001
 LV index, mm/m225.8±4.126.2±4.225.6±4.00.2
 LVEDD, mm50.0±7.6 (n=169)47.6±6.7 (n=89)52.7±7.7 (n=80)<0.001
 LVESD, mm30.9±7.5 (n=158)28.8±6.9 (n=85)33.3±7.6 (n=73)<0.001
sPAP, mm Hg42.2±13.142.6±12.139.9±14.90.04
  • Values are mean±SD.

  • Septal and posterior wall thickness were obtained from M mode, parasternal short axis view (appropriate M-Mode recordings could not be obtained in all patients).

  • AVA, aortic valve area; index, indexed to body surface area; LV, left ventricular; LVEDD, left ventricular enddiastolic diameter (from the apical four-chamber view); LVESD, left ventricular endsystolic diameter; sPAP, systolic pulmonary artery pressure.