Table 1

Demographic and computed tomography angiography (CTA) data

ParametersPatients (n=124)
 Age (years)65±15
 Male sex62 (50)
Coronary risk factors
 Arterial hypertension81 (65)
 Hypercholesterolaemia43 (35)
 Diabetes mellitus13 (10)
 Family history of coronary artery disease32 (26)
 Smoking37 (30)
 Total number of risk factors (0–5)1.8±0.8
Cardiac drugs
 Aspirin (100 mg/day)49 (40)
 Clopidogrel (75 mg/day)2 (2)
 β Blockers53 (43)
 ACE inhibitors or angiotensin receptor blockers52 (42)
 Diuretics21 (17)
 Statins37 (30)
 Duration of statin treatment (n=37 patients) (months)8.1±6.0
Reasons for referral for CTA
 Chest pain116 (94)
 Typical angina8 (6)
 Atypical angina49 (40)
 Non-cardiac chest pain59 (48)
 Exertional dyspnoea8 (6)
Chest pain severity by CCS
 CCS class 192 (79)
 CCS classes 2–324 (21)
Calcium scoring and CTA data
 Heart rate (1/min)62±9
 Metoprolol administration IV (mg)7.4±6.8
 Calcium scoring114±176
Scan types and radiation exposure
 Helical scans36 (29)
 Mean effective dosage for helical scans (mSv)13.4±1.7
 Axial scans ‘step and shoot’88 (71)
 Mean effective dosage for ‘step and shoot’ (mSv)3.1±0.4*
  • Data presented as number (%) of patients or as mean±SD.

  • * p<0.001 for radiation exposure between prospective and retrospective scans.

  • CCS, Canadian Cardiovascular Society; IV, intravenous.