Table 5

Variables for the prediction of non-calcified plaque and of remodeled plaque

VariablesPrediction of non-calcified coronary plaquePrediction of remodeled coronary plaque
HRs95% CIp ValueHRs95% CIp Value
Univariable analysis
 Age (years)1.11.0 to 1.10.0021.11.0 to 1 to 10.06
 Male gender1.40.7 to 2.80.332.40.4 to 15.40.36
 Arterial hypertension2.00.9 to to 32.30.21
 Hyperlipidaemia1.30.6 to 2.70.431.50.4 to 5.90.55
 Diabetes mellitus2.20.6 to to 6.40.74
 Smoking1.10.6 to 2.40.711.30.3 to 5.10.71
 Total number of risk factors1.41.0 to to 2.30.56
 hsCRP1.31.0 to to 2.30.02
 hsTnT1.41.2 to 1.6<0.0011.31.2 to 1.6<0.001
Multivariable analysis
 Age (years)1.01.0 to to 1.10.42
 Total number of risk factors1.10.6 to 1.90.761.00.2 to 4.40.97
 hsCRP1.20.9 to to 2.30.42
 hsTnT1.31.2 to 1.5<0.0011.41.2 to 1.6<0.001
  • CI, confidence interval; HR, hazard ratios; hsCRP, high sensitive C-reactive protein; hsTnT, high sensitive troponin.