Table 2

Partial sum of squares (type III) and F p values for the variables used in the multivariate spline regression model

Sum of squares type IIIdfFp ValueSum of squares type IIIdfFp Value
Diabetes mellitus1.0611.2450.2651.0510.7370.398
Prior Rx β blockers0.2810.3270.5681.6611.1630.288
Prior Rx ACE inhibitors0.1910.2210.6380.4110.2840.590
Time from symptom onset to reperfusion0.2510.2900.5901.9111.3360.245
Anterior wall location7.4318.7190.00318.39112.872<0.001
Type of revascularisation1.7912.1050.1470.0310.0180.897
Week period (weekday vs weekend)3.8914.5660.0333.5312.4700.114
Spline curve8.7233.4120.01714.0233.2700.014
  • Multivariate models adjusted for reference levels (no diabetes, no Rx with β-blocker, no Rx with ACE inhibitor, no history of hypertension, average time of ischaemia (230.48 min), anterior wall STEMI. Revascularisation by primary angioplasty, STEMI onset on weekend, STEMI onset in spring time.

  • ACE inhibitors, angiotensin converter enzyme inhibitors; AMI, acute myocardial infarction; df, degrees of freedom; F, F statistic; Rx, treatment; TnI, troponin-I.