Table 5

Area under the curve (AUC) of different backward regression models for the prediction of the primary endpoint at 1-year follow-up

AUCp Value for addition
Model 1: Classical cardiovascular risk factors*0.66Reference
Model 2: Model 1 + procedural risk factors0.730.0001
Model 3: Model 2 + residual platelet reactivity
 DAPR as measured with AA- and 5 μmol/l ADP-induced LTA0.750.015
 DAPR as measured with AA- and 20 μmol/l ADP-induced LTA0.750.006
 DAPR as measured with the VerifyNow aspirin and P2Y12 assays0.800.009
  • * Age, hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia, left ventricular ejection fraction <45%, prior coronary artery bypass graft.

  • Total stent length, number of lesions treated, number of stents implanted, left anterior descending artery stenting, graft stenting, bifurcation lesion, clopidogrel loading dose versus maintenance dose.

  • Likelihood ratio test for additional value of platelet reactivity status (increase in AUC) as measured with multiple platelet function tests.

  • AA, arachidonic acid; DAPR, on-treatment platelet reactivity according to aspirin and clopidogrel test; LTA, light transmittance aggregometry.