Abstract 15 Table 1
Arrhythmia% of the dogs
1st degree AV-block5.9%15.7%Up to 23
2nd degree AV-block39.2%39.2%Up to 310
Atrial premature complex35.3%45.1%Up to 1006
Junctional complex19.6%33.3%Up to 625
Junctional escape complex41.2%58.8%Up to 30
Run of junctional complexes17.6%21.6%Up to 165
Run of junctional escape complexes13.7%33.3%Up to 23
Junctional tachycardia13.7%13.7%Up to 12
Ventricular complex17.6%13.7%Up to 10
Ventricular escape complex7.8%13.7%Up to 1007
Ventricular premature complex15.7%11.8%Up to 134
Run of ventricular complexes3.9%2.0%Up to 18
Run of ventricular escape complexes3.9%2.0%Up to 13