Table 1

Quality features of 17 reports of RCT assessed in the meta-analysis

StudyYearDesignReporting of randomisationGeneration of random sequenceCompleteness of follow-upDescription of withdrawalsQuality score
Gunes et al212009SB-PYNAYN2
Marazzi et al222009DB-PYNAYY4
Belardinelli et al232008SB-PYNAYY3
Tuunanen et al242008SB-PYNAYY3
Belardinelli et al252008DB-PYComputer generatedYY5
Sisakian et al372007OpenYNAYN2
Di Napoli et al262007DB-PYSealed envelopeYY5
Fragasso et al272006OpenYComputer generatedYY4
Fragasso et al282006DB-CYComputer generatedYY5
Di Napoli et al292005DB-PYNAYY3
El-Kady et al352005SB-PYNAYN2
Vitale et al302004DB-PYNAYY4
Thrainsdottir et al312004DB-CYNAYY4
Rosano et al322003DB-PYNAYY4
Fragasso et al332003DB-CYNAYY4
Belardinelli et al342001DB-PYNAYY4
Brottier et al361990DB-PYDouble-blindYY5
  • DB-C, double-blind crossover; DB-P, double-blind parallel; NA,unable to assess; RCT, randomised controlled trial; SB-P, single-blind parallel.