Table 3

Results of multiple logistic regression analysis of binary endpoints of surrogate markers of adverse prognosis

Increase in LVESVFiltered QRS ≥120 msAbnormal signal-averaged ECG
Baseline CMR parametersp ValueOR95% CIp ValueOR95% CIp ValueOR95% CI
LVEDV0.221.020.99 to 1.060.0021.101.04 to 1.160.0041.071.02 to 1.13
LVESV0.271.020.98 to 1.060.0021.091.03 to 1.150.0051.071.02 to 1.12
LVEF0.0060.880.80 to 0.960.0070.890.82 to 0.970.0140.910.84 to 0.98
%LV–scar0.0371.051.00 to 1.110.0091.071.02 to 1.130.0391.051.00 to 1.10
Presence of haemorrhage0.0011.651.27 to 2.830.021.181.04 to 1.760.201.400.98 to 1.63
Presence of MVO0.2041.070.96 to to to 1.24
%LV–AAR0.861.0040.96 to to to 1.08
%AAR–salvaged0.0200.950.91 to 0.990.0080.950.91 to 0.990.120.980.95 to 1.01
  • CMR, cardiovascular magnetic resonance; LVEDV, left ventricular end-diastolic volume; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; LVESV, left ventricular end-systolic volume; MVO, microvascular obstruction; %AAR–salvaged, percentage of area at risk salvaged; %LV–AAR, percentage of left ventricular mass at risk; %LV–scar, percentage of left ventricular mass that is infarcted.