Table 2

Diagnostic accuracy results of echocardiography versus right heart catheterisation for each study

StudyNTPFNFPTNSensitivitySpecificityECHO threshold (mm Hg)RHC threshold (mm Hg)
Cardiac disease
Lanzarini et al2957§31402288%100%sPAP ≥32sPAP ≥35 and mPAP ≥20
Mogollon et al3867344161389%46%sPAP ≥40mPAP >35
Penning et al41271439182%10%sPAP ≥40sPAP ≥35
Lung disease
Mixed causes
Arcasoy et al31166519485885%55%sPAP ≥45sPAP ≥45
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Nathan et al4060166211773%45%sPAP ≥40mPAP >25
Denton et al322015023100%60%sPAP ≥30sPAP ≥30
Hsu et al3449141012458%96%sPAP ≥47mPAP ≥25
Mukerjee et al39137584253258%87%sPAP ≥40mPAP ≥25
Fisher et al3374*2114102960%74%sPAP ≥40mPAP ≥25
Laaban et al36271713694%67%sPAP ≥35sPAP ≥35
Matsuyama et al37352351683%86%sPAP ≥40mPAP >25
Mixed cardiac and lung disease
Kim et al3574291103497%77%sPAP ≥50mPAP ≥35
  • * 63 Patients but 74 paired echocardiogram (ECHO)/right heart catheterisation (RHC) results.

  • At rest.

  • Normal pulmonary capillary wedge pressure.

  • § Test patient population.

  • COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; FN, false negative; FP, false positive; mPAP, mean pulmonary arterial pressure; N, number of patients; sPAP, systolic pulmonary arterial pressure; TN, true negative; TP, true positive.