Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the population

Overall population (N=228)Validation set (N=179)Testing set (N=49)
Age, years78±778±779±7
Body surface area, m21.8±0.21.8±0.21.8±0.2
Male gender142 (62)107 (60)35 (71)
Sinus rhythm192 (88)154 (86)38 (84)
Bicuspid valve22 (10)15 (8)7 (18)
Ejection fraction, %54±1461±630±7
Absolute aortic valve area, cm21.10±0.461.20±0.470.77±0.21
Indexed aortic valve area, cm2/m20.62±0.250.67±0.250.43±0.12
Mean gradient, mm Hg35±2033±2040±18
Peak aortic valve velocity, m/s3.60±1.013.52±1.033.9±0.9
Severe aortic stenosis (valve area <1 cm2)119 (52)81 (45)38 (77)
Calcium scoring, AU2227±17861934±17123265±1676
  • Results are mean±standard deviation or number of patients (percentage). AU, arbitrary unit.