Table 3

Diagnostic value of the 1651 AU threshold to correctly classified AS severity in the testing set using DSE as reference

Testing set (N=47)Severe ASNon-severe AS
CS ≥1651361Positive-predictive value 97%
CS <165128Negative-predictive value 80%
Sensitivity 95%Specificity 89%
Low gradient/low flow AS (N=18)Severe ASNon-severe AS
CS ≥1651131Positive-predictive value 93%
CS <165113Negative-predictive value 75%
Sensitivity 93%Specificity 75%
  • Top, overall testing set and bottom, subgroup of patients with low flow/low gradient aortic stenosis (AS). Two patients with non-conclusive dobutamine stress echocardiography (DSE) were excluded from the present analysis.

  • AU, arbitrary units; CS, calcium scoring.