Table 2

Clinical and function parameters of patients divided according to survival free of hospitalisation status

ParametersWith eventsWithout eventsp Value
Age (years)69±1166±11<0.0001
Ischaemic aetiology (%)67580.02
Female gender (%)20230.2
NYHA class2.7±0.82.1±0.7<0.0001
LVD (mm)64±962±70.0001
PWT (mm)10.5±1.710.6±1.70.1
LVEF (%)29±934±8<0.0001
RMP (%)4825<0.0001
No FMR (%)2032
Mild to moderate FMR (%)4453<0.0001
Severe FMR (%)3714
  • FMR, functional mitral regurgitation; LVD, left ventricular diastolic diameter; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; NYHA, New York Heart Association; PWT, posterior wall thickness; RMP, restrictive mitral filling pattern.