Table 1

Key parameters used in model

ParameterBase case analysisSensitivity analysis
Length of stay
 Minimum hospital stay5 daysExpert opinion5 daysExpert opinion
 Mean ICU LOS2 daysExpert opinion2 daysLiterature review
 Mean GW LOS*7 daysExpert opinion7 daysLiterature review
Event probabilities
 Conversion to SAVR0.0%141.78%Literature review
 Intraoperative death1.1%141.45%Literature review
 Reoperation (short-term)1.7%142.36%Literature review
 Stroke6.70%142.88%Literature review
 Bleeding16.8%1410.06%Literature review
 Vascular30.70%147.52%Literature review
 Aortic regurgitation11.80%1423.39%Literature review
 Renal failure1.1%148.87%Literature review
 Pacemaker implant 3.4%147.70%Literature review
Unit costs
 Procedure cost (per hour)£524.4015
 Day in ICU£1.14916
 Day in non-ICU£13616
 Pacemaker implantation£3119–£6371§16
 Community-based rehabilitation£157517
 Managed rehabilitation£408117
  • * Literature reported information on overall LOS. Value represents the difference between overall and ICU LOS.

  • Only applied to TAVI arm.

  • 1/3 single chamber, 1/3 dual chamber, 1/3 biventricular.

  • § Range covers the different types of pacemaker available.

  • GW, general ward; ICU, intensive care unit; LOS, length of stay; SAVR, standard aortic valve replacement; TAVI, transcatheter aortic valve implantation.