Table 2

Univariate and multivariate continuous variable analysis of baseline single-sample biomarkers for risk of death/cardiac transplantation

VariableHR (75th relative to 25th centile)Observed 25th and 75th quartilesp ValueC-statistic
Univariate model
 BNP (pg/ml)2.1073–458<0.0010.648
 MR-proANP (pmol/l)2.57191–487<0.0010.735
 Copeptin (pmol/l)2.838–32<0.0010.670
 Troponin T (ng/ml)2.14<0.01–0.03<0.0010.666
Multivariate model
 BNP (pg/ml)1.8873–4580.0020.679
 MR-proANP (pmol/l)2.38191–487<0.0010.758
 Copeptin (pmol/l)2.568–32<0.0010.740
 Troponin T (ng/ml)2.24<0.01–0.03<0.0010.709
  • Biomarkers were added separately to the multivariate model which included NYHA class, history of myocardial infarction, and presence of biventricular pacemaker. Models were fitted using natural log transformations of all continuous variables.

  • BNP, B-type natriuretic peptide; MR-proBNP, midregional proatrial natriuretic peptide.