Table 4

Effect of change in serial midregional proatrial natriuretic peptide (MR-proANP) and C-terminal provasopressin (copeptin) concentrations over the study period on outcome of death/cardiac transplantation

VariableHR (95% CI)p ValueC-Statistic
Normal to raised MR-proANP4.35 (0.61 to 31.02)0.1430.641
Raised MR-proANP to <30% change (increase or decrease but none back to normal value)5.79 (1.38 to 24.30)0.016
Raised MR-proANP to ≥30% further increase in MR-proANP10.07 (2.34 to 43.38)0.002
Normal to raised copeptin4.11 (0.68 to 24.61)0.1220.684
Raised copeptin to <30% change (increase or decrease but none back to normal value)4.20 (0.95 to 18.47)0.058
Raised copeptin to ≥30% further increase in copeptin11.48 (2.74 to 48.08)<0.001
  • All values are relative to normal values remaining. CI, confidence interval; HR, hazard ratio; MR-proANP, mid-regional proatrial natriuretic peptide.