Table 3

Unit costs

ParameterBase case value (£)*Range of variation in sensitivity analysisBasis of variation; distribution type in PSA
Drug costs20
 Abciximab (ReoPro) 10 mg phial250NA
 Eptifibatide (Integrilin) 20 mg; 75 mg phial14; 43
 Tirofiban (Aggrastat) 12.5 mg phial161
 Bivalirudin (Angiomax) 250 mg phial310
Event and procedure costs
 Angiography procedure cost 21283269–501IQR; triangular
 PCI cost2231522278–3865
 PCI procedure cost 22 2317331253–2126
 CABG cost2283726690–9707
 CABG procedure cost 22 2431152489–3611
 Q-wave MI2217461291–2011
 Non-Q-wave MI22 25541400–623
 Ischaemic stroke cost26106115306–15 917±50%; uniform
 Ischaemic stroke non-ward cost 22 2688734436–13 309
 Major bleed cost22 2723641182–3545
 Major bleed non-ward cost 22 271300650–1950
 Minor bleed cost22 2714472–216
 Minor bleed non-ward cost 22 277940–119
Ward costs
 Normal ward day28274§NA
 CCU/ICU day22814§
Long-term annual cardiovascular treatment cost of 1-year or 3-year survivors** 29900450–1350±50%; uniform
  • * Unit costs at 2009–2010 prices. Inflated from older values where required.30

  • Unit costs of anticoagulant phials were not varied as they were not subject to parameter uncertainty.

  • Excluding ward costs.

  • § Not varied in sensitivity analysis as variation of length of stay in the comparator strategy was assumed to also cover uncertainty in these unit cost estimates.

  • Simple average of NHS reference costs for intensive care unit and coronary care unit. See online supplement.

  • ** Also used to represent annual cardiovascular outpatient treatment and drug costs in year 1 (years 1–3, in the alternative model).

  • HRG, Healthcare Resource Group; ICU/CCU, intensive care unit/coronary care unit; NA, not applicable; NHS, National Health Service; PSA, probabilistic sensitivity analysis.