Table 2

Osteoprotegerin and the severity of structural heart disease

OPG tertile 3 (%)n casesN totalOPG tertiles 1 and 2 (%)n casesN totalp Value
BNP >80 ng/l56.7842148435.610602978<0.001
TnI ultra positive (≥40 ng/l)73.11069146360.417872959<0.001
Disease extent (≥50%)*
 One VD22.618280731.45241669
 Two VD25.520680724.04001669
 Three VD or LM41.533580732.55431669
LVEF (<50%)45.745499435.37062000<0.001
  • * Among 2476 patients with angiographic data available.

  • Among 2994 patients with LVEF available.

  • BNP, B type natriuretic peptide; LM, left main; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; OPG, osteoprotegerin; TnI, troponin I; VD, vessel disease.