Table 1

Summary of risk factors in QStatin risk scores

Risk factorPrediction model
Acute renal failureCataractLiver dysfunctionMyopathy
Statin user (yes/no)XXXXXX
Age (years)XXXXXX
Body mass index (kg/m2)XXXXX
Self-assigned ethnicity*XXXXX
Smoking statusXXXX
Townsend score (fifth)XXX
Treated hypertension (yes/no)XXX
Prescribed corticosteroids (yes/no)XXXXXX
Diagnosis of type 1 diabetes (yes/no)XXXXX
Diagnosis of type 2 diabetes (yes/no)XXXXXX
Diagnosis of chronic liver disease (yes/no)X
Diagnosis of hypothyroidism (yes/no)X
Diagnosis of congestive cardiac failure (yes/no)X
Diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (3b+) (yes/no)X
Diagnosis of cardiovascular disease (yes/no)XXX
Diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (yes/no)XX
Diagnosis of atrial fibrillation (yes/no)XX
  • * Self-assigned ethnicity (white or not recorded, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, other Asian, Black African, Black Caribbean, Chinese, other including mixed).

  • Smoking status (non-smoker, ex-smoker, light smoker (<10 cigarettes/day), moderate smoker (10–19 cigarettes/day), heavy smoker (≥20 cigarettes/day).