Table 1

Clinical characteristics

VariableCA (n=55)HCM (n=15)AS (n=15)p ValueLVH (n=30)p Value
Age (years)68±1053±12*70±15<0.00161±160.04
Sex (% male)47 (85)9 (60)12 (80)0.0921 (70)0.16
BSA (m2)1.93±0.262.07±0.272.07±±0.240.02
HR (bpm)77±1467±8*69±14*0.0168±110.002
SBP (mm Hg)112±21130±17*132±20*<0.001131±18<0.001
DBP (mm Hg)69±1076±1171±130.0973±120.08
NYHA (mean)2.48±0.861.87±0.99*1.73±0.88*0.0071.80±0.920.002
Hypertension27 (49)11 (73)13 (87)0.0223 (77)0.01
Hyperlipidaemia29 (53)10 (67)12 (80)0.1422 (73)0.10
Diabetes mellitus9 (16)7 (47)6 (40)0.0213 (43)0.01
Biochemical parameters
 Hgb (g/dl)12.5±2.112.5±2.110.2±1.7*0.00111.1±2.20.007
 WCC 109/l7.8±3.87.3±2.57.8±2.90.917.6±2.70.80
 Platelets 109/l206±89217±116200±880.90207±990.97
 Sodium (mmol/l)137±4138±3137±30.43138±30.50
 Potassium (mmol/l)4.1±0.53.9±0.54.4±±0.60.50
 BUN (mg/dl)35±2219±8*26±110.0223±100.008
 Creatinine (mg/dl)1.5±0.81.7±2.61.7±2.20.901.7±2.30.74
 eGFR (ml/min)60±31104±41*79±410.00189±42<0.001
  • Data are presented as mean ± SD or median (IQR).

  • * p<0.05 versus CA.

  • AS, aortic stenosis; BSA, body surface area; BUN, blood urea nitrogen; CA, cardiac amyloidosis; eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate; HCM, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; Hgb, haemoglobin; HR, heart rate; LVH, left ventricular hypertrophy (this is a combined group of AS and HCM); NYHA, New York Heart Association; S/DBP, systolic/diastolic blood pressure; WCC, white cell count.