Table 3

Characteristics of patients who died at 30 days or in-hospital (n=16)

AgeSTS-PROM score (%)Epidural analgesiaTime to death (days from procedure)Cause of death
718.1No4Mesenteric ischaemia (septic shock)
7210.1Yes10Ischaemic colitis
767.5No2Cardiogenic shock
7911.5Yes2Cardiogenic shock
855.3No28Sudden death
8513.4No4Cardiogenic shock
8512.1No17Pneumonia (septic shock)
8526.1No44Respiratory failure
866.1No13Cardiac failure
8621.4No15Pneumonia (septic shock)
885.4No15Pneumonia (septic shock)
886.3No10Respiratory failure
9615.3No3Cardiogenic shock
9821.9No35Cardiogenic shock
  • STS-PROM: Society of Thoracic Surgeons predicted risk of mortality; ARDS: acute respiratory distress syndrome.