Table 3

Pre- and postnatal diagnosis of congenital heart defects not associated with chromosomal anomalies: the EPICARD study

ACC-CHD categoriesNPrenatal diagnosisPostnatal diagnosisPostmortem diagnosis
%95% CI≤7 days8–28 days29 days–3 months3 months–1 year
1. Heterotaxy, including isomerism and mirror-imagery3789.274.6 to
2. Anomalies of the venous return2516.04.5 to
3. Anomalies of the atria and interatrial communications1644.31.7 to 8.629.326.826.811.61.2
4. Anomalies of the atrioventricular junctions and valves9167.056.4 to 76.519.
5. Complex anomalies of atrioventricular connections13100.075.3 to 1.0*
6. Functionally univentricular hearts13392.586.7 to
7. Ventricular septal defects (VSD)13539.68.1 to 11.367.
8. Anomalies of the ventricular outflow tracts (ventriculoarterial connections)50339.234.9 to 43.629.
9. Anomalies of the extrapericardial arterial trunks14344.736.4 to 53.328.79.810.52.14.2
10. Congenital anomalies of the coronary arteries90.00.0 to 33.6*
All, excluding cases with chromosomal anomalies247125.623.9 to 27.348.
All, excluding cases with chromosomal anomalies or genetic syndromes238724.823.1 to 26.648.
All, excluding cases with chromosomal, genetic syndromes or other anomalies203623.121.2 to 24.950.99.411.84.50.3
All, excluding cases with chromosomal or other anomalies and IVSD* 93040.237.0 to 43.428.610.414.45.60.8
  • * One-sided CI.

  • IVSD, isolated ventricular septal defects.