Table 2

Operative data for all patients

All patients (n=300)Multidetector CT patients (n=288)
Aspirin (n=150)Aspirin + clopidogrel (n=150)Aspirin (n=144)Aspirin + clopidogrel (n=144)
Number of grafts487473467455
Target artery diameter1.4±0.21.4±0.2
Distal anastomosis
Type of graft
Number of grafts/patient3.2±0.63.1±0.63.2±0.63.1±0.6
  • Values expressed as mean or n (%).

  • Cx, circumflex coronary artery; LAD, left anterior descending coronary artery; LIMA, left internal mammary artery; RA, radial artery; RCA, right coronary artery; RIMA, right internal mammary artery; SVG, saphenous vein graft.