Table 1

Demographics for all patients with echocardiographic evidence of PHT

All PHT (n=936)PAH (n=25)PLHD (n=636)RPHT (n=87)CTEPH (n=19)Misc (n=25)UPHT (n=144)
Age, years*75±12.562±13.2179±13.2175±9.0877±9.2674±12.4179±12.47
Female, %†60645249745665
BMI (±SD)27.5±15.828.21±5.0627.32±9.0226.86±8.8431.44±6.5627.99±12.0127.60±8.69
ePASP mm Hg‡ (all PHT mean ±SD, subgroups medians and IQR)56±11.360 (34)52 (12)55 (22)57 (20)53 (16)52 (12)
  • Statistical significance differences between *median age (p<0.001), †female % (p=0.03) for PHT, PAH, PLHD, RPHT, CTEPH, Misc, UPHT, ‡median ePASP (estimated pulmonary artery systolic pressure) (p=0.0023).

  • CTEPH, chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension; Misc PHT, miscellaneous pulmonary hypertension; PAH, pulmonary arterial hypertension; PLHD, pulmonary hypertension secondary to left heart disease; RPHT, respiratory-associated pulmonary hypertension; UPHT, pulmonary hypertensions of unknown cause.