Table 2

Baseline and follow-up values of echocardiographic characteristics of the study group

Spironolactone (n=58)Placebo (n=55)p Value
CharacteristicBaselineFollow-upp ValueBaselineFollow-upp ValueΔSpironolactone vs ΔPlacebo
LV end-diastolic dimension, mm52.3±5.552.2±5.20.7851.4±4.551.6±3.80.570.57
IVS, mm11.9±1.111.3±1.10.00111.9±1.311.7±
PW, mm9.9±1.19.5±±1.49.7±1.50.860.08
LV mass index, g/m2.757.8±10.554.3±10.10.00356.5±10.356.3±11.30.790.02
Left atrial dimension, mm43.5±4.742.3±4.10.0142.8±4.442.7±4.40.810.04
DT, ms229±44231±400.79238±41236±400.740.66
Sm, cm/s5.8±1.26.2±1.30.0066.0±1.25.9±1.10.370.001
Em, cm/s5.7±1.46.6±1.40.00016.0±1.45.9±1.30.460.0001
Strain, %17.4±2.319.9±2.20.000117.6±2.117.5±2.00.440.0001
SR, 1/s1.42±0.211.60±0.200.00011.43±0.201.43±0.180.870.0001
IB AS, dB−14.3±5.8−16.9±5.10.004−15.9±5.3−16.1±5.10.820.02
IB post, dB−25.0±5.5−27.6±5.50.004−24.9±6.2−25.1±5.50.710.03
  • Values are mean±SD. ΔPlacebo indicates change in the placebo group during follow-up, and ΔSpironolactone the change in the spironolactone group during follow-up.

  • DT, diastolic flow wave; E/A, the ratio of peak early to late diastolic flow velocities; E/e′, ratio of mitral inflow early diastolic velocity to peak early diastolic mitral annular velocity; Em, myocardial peak early diastolic velocity; IB AS, calibrated integrated backscatter in the basal anteroseptum; IB post, calibrated integrated backscatter in the basal posterior wall; IVS, interventricular septal thickness; LV, left ventricular; PW, LV posterior wall thickness; Sm, peak systolic velocity; SR, peak systolic strain rate.