Table 2

Prevalence numbers (%) are calculated for four age cohorts in T4, T5 and T6, and also as a weighted mean of all three surveys. Those with prior AVR were included. We also calculated prevalence numbers by adding information of prevalent AS from hospital data at the same time points as the surveys. Doing this, we followed the original study population (n=3273) at three time points, retracting the number of dead at each step from the denominator in the prevalence calculations

Prevalence (%)
Age cohortT4+Hosp.T5+Hosp.T6+HospT4/5/6 + Hosp.
  • T4, Tromsø Study 4 (1994); T5, Tromsø Study 5 (2001); T6, Tromsø Study 6 (2008); AS, aortic stenosis; AVR, aortic valve replacement.