Table 3

Comparison of non-compacted layers, compacted layers and ratios in athletes fulfilling LVNC criteria (n=93) and controls with increased LV trabeculation (n=29) based on Chin6 and Jenni7 criteria*

Athletes fulfilling LVNC criteria n=93Controls exhibiting increased LV trabeculation n=29p Value
Chin criterion6
 Epicardial surface to trough of trabecular recess, mm (X)6.5±1.67.4±1.10.006
 Epicardial surface to peak of trabecular recess, mm (Y)16.6±4.012.3±2.3<0.0001
 Ratio (X/Y)0.4±0.10.6±0.04<0.0001
Jenni criterion7
 Non-compacted, mm (NC)18.9±3.014.7±2.0<0.0001
 Compacted, mm (C)7.7±1.18.0±1.00.193
 Ratio (NC/C)2.5±0.31.8±0.1<0.0001
  • *Data are expressed as mean±SD.

  • C, compacted layer in systole; LV, left ventricular; LVNC, left ventricular non-compaction; NC, non-compacted layer in systole; X, compacted layer in diastole; Y, non-compacted layer in diastole.