Table 1

Parameters for diagnostic strategies

ParameterMean value (95% CI)SourceComments/distribution
Accuracy of diagnostic devices
 Primary analysis
  Probability ETT inconclusive given CHD0.215686 (0.163 to 0.270)CE-MARC11Non-parametric bootstrap
  Probability ETT inconclusive given no CHD0.40694 (0.352 to 0.460)CE-MARC11Non-parametric bootstrap
  ETT—sensitivity (inconclusive treated as positive)0.9755 (0.953 to 0.995)CE-MARC11Non-parametric bootstrap
  ETT—specificity (inconclusive treated as positive)0.1924 (0.152 to 0.239)CE-MARC11Non-parametric bootstrap
  ETT—sensitivity (excluding inconclusive)0.9688 (0.941 to 0.994)CE-MARC11Non-parametric bootstrap
  ETT—specificity (excluding inconclusive)0.3245 (0.260 to 0.396)CE-MARC11Non-parametric bootstrap
  CMR—sensitivity0.8627 (0.821 to 0.903)CE-MARC11Non-parametric bootstrap
  CMR—specificity0.8312 (0.792 to 0.868)CE-MARC11Non-parametric bootstrap
  CMR—sensitivity given ETT positive/uncertain0.8643 (0.817 to 0.907)CE-MARC11Non-parametric bootstrap
  CMR—specificity given ETT positive/uncertain0.8633 (0.817 to 0.903)CE-MARC11Non-parametric bootstrap
  SPECT—sensitivity (inconclusive treated as positive)0.6784 (0.623 to 0.736)CE-MARC11Non-parametric bootstrap
  SPECT—specificity (inconclusive treated as positive)0.7980 (0.760 to 0.836)CE-MARC11Non-parametric bootstrap
  SPECT—sensitivity given ETT positive/uncertain (inconclusive treated as positive)0.6784 (0.613 to 0.743)CE-MARC11Non-parametric bootstrap
  SPECT—specificity given ETT positive/uncertain (inconclusive treated as positive)0.7969 (0.750 to 0.847)CE-MARC11Non-parametric bootstrap
 Mortality rates
  CA mortality0.0007West 200617Fixed
  PCI mortality0.001281 (0.0009 to 0.0017)BCIS16β-Distribution
  CABG mortality0.007914 (0.0066 to 0.0094)SCS15β-Distribution
 Procedure costs
  ETT cost—base case£75NHS reference costs22Fixed value
  CMR cost—base case£313NICE costing document23Fixed value
  SPECT cost—base case£293NICE costing document23Fixed value
  CA cost£1052NHS reference costs22Fixed value
  PCI cost£2657NHS reference costs22Fixed value
  CABG cost£8635NHS reference costs22Fixed value
  Proportion of patients with severe stenosis eligible for PCI0.6276 (0.623 to 0.632)BCIS and SCS15 16β-Distribution
  Proportion of patients with severe stenosis0.3947 (0.360 to 0.434)CE-MARC11β-Distribution
  Proportion of patients without severe stenosis but with angina0.159CE-MARC11Fixed value
  • BCIS, British Cardiovascular Intervention Society; CA, coronary angiography; CABG, coronary artery bypass grafting; CHD, coronary heart disease; CMR, cardiovascular magnetic resonance; ETT, exercise treadmill testing; NHS, National Health Service; NICE, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention; SCS, The Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery in Great Britain & Ireland; SPECT, single-photon emission CT.