Table 2

Costs of the standard procedure, postprocedural complications, long-term medications and healthcare

Unit Cost (source)TAVISAVR
Standard Procedure (NHS tariff)
 Cardiology—ambulatory monitoring£25.65£25.65
 Vascular surgery—follow-up attendance—single professional£120.00NA
 CT Angioaortic and peripheral£148.14NA
 Transthoracic echo (ultrasound)£27.64£27.64
 Cardiology—ultrasound transoesophageal echo£128.24£128.24
 Chest physiotherapy£1641.00£1641.00
 Cardiology follow-up attendance£113.00£113.00
 General ward bed day cost£280.00£280.00
 Intensive care unit bed day cost£1360.00£1360.00
Complication unit costs (NHS Ref costs)
 Pacemaker implant£2886.00£2886.00
 Minor stroke£3479.00£3479.00
 Major stroke£3479.00£3479.00
 Myocardial infarct£2305.00£2305.00
 Vascular complication£3772.34£3772.34
 Major bleed£3772.00£3772.00
 RR for kidney fail£1421.00£1421.00
 Repeat hospitalisation£1359.00*£1359.00*
Cost of care per NYHA category (PSSRU) β
Annual medication costs (BNF)β
 Clopidogrel for stroke, TIA and MI£30.00£30.00
 Secondary care anticoagulation services for AF£649.00£649.00
 β blockers for MI£19.66£19.66
 ACE inhibitors for MI£14.75£14.75
  • *One night non-elective stay; β per person per annum.

  • BNF, British National Formulary28; NYHA, New York Heart Association; PSSRU, personal social services research unit29 (excludes accommodation); RR, renal replacement; SAVR, surgical aortic valve replacement; TIA, Transient ischaemic attack.