Table 4

10 year deterministic and sensitivity analyses results

Base case
 Procedural and redo costs£19368.32
 Complication costs (after 2 years)£2125.14
 Annual medication costs (after 2 years)£82.63
 Long-term care and rehospitalisation costs£31422.01
 TAVI total 10 year cost£52593.02
 Procedural and redo costs£20380.03
 Complication costs£2709.60
 Annual medication costs£113.62
 Long-term care and rehospitalisation costs£31095.10
 SAVR total 10 year costs£53943.40
Incremental QALY−£1350.380.063TAVI dominates
Life years4.424.30
Incremental life years−£1350.380.13TAVI dominates
Deterministic sensitivity analysesIncremental costIncremental QALYICER
 Procedural costs +25%−£1689.630.063TAVI dominates
 Procedural costs −25%−£1011.130.063TAVI dominates
 TAVI tariff price £25,000£7294.120.063£116231.63
 TAVI procedure costs +25%£3393.000.063£54067.41
 TAVI length of stay alternative values£689.620.063£10989.06
 Complication costs +25%−£1497.510.063TAVI dominates
 Complication costs -25%−£1203.250.063TAVI dominates
 Hospitalisation costs +25%−£1336.360.063TAVI dominates
 Hospitalisation costs -25%−£1364.400.063TAVI dominates
 Weekly care costs by NYHA +25%−£1264.950.063TAVI dominates
 Weekly care costs by NYHA −25%−£1435.810.063TAVI dominates
 Alternative utility values−£1350.380.066TAVI dominates
 Complication utility decrement +25%−£1350.380.058TAVI dominates
Event probabilities
 TAVI extreme (‘worst case’) scenario complication Probabilities£99.950.009£11,307.18
UK Registry TAVI complication probabilities−£1715.180.076TAVI dominates
 Hospitalisation rates by NYHA +25%−£1336.360.063TAVI dominates
 Hospitalisation rates by NYHA −25%−£1364.400.063TAVI dominates
 Time horizon=5 years−£1452.910.045TAVI dominates
 Discount rate 1% for costs and QALYs−£1323.060.067TAVI dominates
 Discount rate 6% for costs and QALYs−£1373.570.059TAVI dominates
Probabilistic sensitivity analysis—mean Monte Carlo simulation results
 Incremental−£1411.090.066TAVI dominates
  • NYHA, New York Health Association classification. SAVR, surgical aortic valve implantation; TAVI, transcatheter aortic valve implantation.

  • *All costs at 2011 prices.

  • †Quality adjusted life years.

  • ‡Incremental cost-effectiveness ratio.