Table 1

Clinical characteristics of study population classified as low risk by NCEP guideline

BMI (kg/m2)23.9±3.225.0±2.923.2±3.2*
Hypertension131 (6.1)36 (4.2)95 (7.4)*
Family history of premature CHD248 (11.6)112 (13.2)136 (10.6)*
Smoking233 (10.9)177 (20.8)56 (4.4)*
Fasting blood glucose, mg/dl90.2±11.391.6±11.889.2±10.9*
Total cholesterol, mg/dl200.0±34.7203.0±32.0198.0±36.2*
Triglyceride, mg/dl105.7±59.2126.5±69.691.9±46.3*
HDL-cholesterol, mg/dl60.5±13.456.3±11.463.4±14.0*
LDL-cholesterol, mg/dl106.1±26.0110.0±23.9103.4±27.0*
BUN, mg/dl12.3±3.213.3±3.111.7±3.1*
Serum creatinine, mg/dl1.0±0.21.1±0.10.9±0.1*
Uric acid, ml/dl5.1±1.46.3±1.24.4±0.9*
CRP, mg/dl0.1±0.90.2±1.00.1±0.8
  • Data are expressed as number (%) and mean±SD.

  • *p<0.05.

  • BMI, body mass index; BUN, blood urea nitrogen; CACS, coronary artery calcium score; CHD, coronary heart disease; CRP, C-reactive protein; CTA, CT angiography; HDL, high-density lipoprotein; LDL, low-density lipoprotein; NCEP, National Cholesterol Education Program.