Table 1

Delays to PPCI observed in the references used for recommendation of a First Medical Contact (FMC) to PPCI delay below 60 min in the recent European Society of Cardiology  2012 STEMI-guidelines

ReferencesEmergency medical service call to arrival on sceneOn scene delayTransport delayDoor-to-balloon delay (D2B)Overall ‘FMC to PCI’ delay
Pinto et al2NANANA116 min*NA but >>>D2B delay!
Steg et al1NANANANANA but at least 102 min†
  • *In the Pinto et al reference D2B delays were presented for four groups varying from 91 to 179 min. The weighted mean D2B delay is presented here.

  • †None of the many papers from the CAPTIM trial have presented ‘FMC to PCI’ delay. Time to PPCI was 190 min and time to randomisation was 108 min. Adding 10 min for emergency medical service  response time and just 10 min on scene before randomisation, this would add up to a cumulative ‘FMC to PPCI’ delay of approximately 102 min.