Table 3

Individual and multivariable regression analysis of clinical and CMR variables for the prediction of left ventricular reverse remodelling

VariablesUnivariate analysisMultivariable analysis
B Coefficient±SDR295% CIp ValueB Coefficient±SDt95% CIp Value
EDVI (ml/m2)
 EDVI0.57±0.120.320.33 to 0.81<0.0010.53±0.14.560.29 to 0.76<0.001
 TAVI procedure15.5±3.80.507.9 to 23.1<0.00110.43±3.72.782.8 to 180.008
 CAD11.5±4.30.423.0 to 20.10.0091.87±4.10.45−6.5 to 10.20.65
 Hypercholesterolaemia11.9±4.10.433.7 to 20.20.0056.41±3.71.73−1.1 to 13.90.09
 PVD14.4±6.20.391.8 to±4.91.28−3.6 to 16.30.20
 AR (%)0.34±0.190.380.39 to 0.710.080.3± to 0.570.04
 Scar (%)2.01±0.340.681.31 to 2.70<0.0011.25±0.33.790.58 to 1.910.001
ESVI (ml/m2)
 ESVI0.44±0.080.630.28 to 0.59<0.0010.21± to 0.340.003
 TAVI procedure8.12±2.80.492.4 to 13.80.0063.50±2.51.37−1.6 to 8.60.17
 CAD5.23±3.10.44−0.97 to±2.60.65−3.5 to 6.80.52
 AF8.97±4.30.450.25 to±3.31.59−1.4 to 11.90.12
 PVD10.6±4.20.472.1 to± to 13.70.04
 Scar (%)1.61±0.30.711.0 to 2.20<0.0011.30±0.25.430.81 to 1.78<0.001
EF (%)
 EF0.49±0.80.660.33 to 0.65<0.0010.51±0.086.780.36 to 0.66<0.001
 MPG0.14±0.050.530.05 to 0.230.0050.14±0.052.980.05 to 0.230.005
LVMI (g/m2)
 LVMI0.64±0.070.670.51 to 0.77<0.0010.69±0.079.880.55 to 0.83<0.001
 NYHA4.66±2.50.740.48 to 9.810.074.3±2.51.74−0.73 to 9.340.09
 CVA3.77±2.20.69−0.71 to±2.21.69−0.72 to 8.050.1
  • Individual variables with a significance level of p<0.1 were entered in to the multivariable model. Each parameter of change had a separate multiple regression analysis performed.

  • AR, aortic regurgitation; CAD, coronary artery disease; CMR, cardiovascular magnetic resonance; CVA, cerebrovascular accident; EDVI, end diastolic volume indexed to body surface area; EF, ejection fraction; ESVI, end systolic volume indexed; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; LVM, left ventricular mass; MF, myocardial fibrosis; MPG, mean pressure gradient; NYHA, New York Health Association; PVD, peripheral vascular disease; SAVR, surgical aortic valve replacement; SVI, stroke volume indexed; TAVI, transcatheter aortic valve implantation.