Table 2

Multivariable Cox regression for outcomes

Adjusted HR* (95% CI)p Value
Primary analysis
 Inappropriate shocks (vs no inappropriate shocks)0.97 (0.70 to 1.36)0.873
 Appropriate therapy (vs no appropriate therapy)3.11 (2.41 to 4.02)<0.001
 Both therapy types (vs no therapy)2.98 (1.95 to 4.56)<0.001
Secondary analysis
 Inappropriate shocks (vs no therapy)1.05 (0.58 to 1.90)0.874
 Appropriate therapy (vs no therapy)3.16 (2.40 to 4.16)<0.001
 Both therapy types (vs no therapy)2.98 (1.95 to 4.56)<0.001
Stratified analysis
 LVEF ≤30%
  Inappropriate shocks (vs no inappropriate shocks)0.79 (0.51 to 1.20)0.270
  Appropriate therapy (vs no appropriate therapy)2.93 (2.18 to 3.94)<0.001
 LVEF >30%
  Inappropriate shocks (vs no inappropriate shocks)1.56 (0.88 to 2.78)0.130
  Appropriate therapy (vs no appropriate therapy)3.55 (2.08 to 6.06)<0.001
  • *Adjusted for age, gender, resynchronisation device, renal failure, atrial fibrillation, NYHA functional class, ejection fraction and β blocker usage.

  • LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction (except in the stratified analysis); NYHA, New York Heart Association.