Table 2

Haemodynamics, blood gases and biomarkers at diagnosis and 3 months after the last BPA

HaemodynamicsDiagnosis (N=18)After last BPA (N=18)p Value
mRAP, mm Hg6±34±30.062
mPAP, mm Hg45±1133±10<0.001
PCWP, mm Hg7±36±30.156
CO, L/min4.9±1.65.4±1.90.011
CI, L/min/m22.3±1.62.8±1.90.005
HR, beats/min77±1271±120.017
Stroke volume, mL66±2777±28<0.001
PVR, Wood units8.8±4.05.9±3.6<0.001
Systemic BP, mm Hg89±1385±150.463
Blood gases
 SvO2, %63±668±6<0.001
 SaO2, %90±593±40.004
 NT-proBNP, pmol/L194±18290±1190.007
 Troponin T positive, n1230.001
  • BP, blood pressure; BPA, balloon pulmonary angioplasty; CI, cardiac index; CO, cardiac output; HR, heart rate; mPAP, mean pulmonary artery pressure; mRAP, mean right atrial pressure; NT-proBNP, N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide; PCWP, pulmonary capillary wedge pressure; PVR, pulmonary vascular resistance; SaO2, oxygen saturation; SvO2, mixed venous oxygen saturation.