Table 3

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing at diagnosis and 3 months after the last BPA

Diagnosis (N=18)After last BPA (N=18)p Value
Peak VO2, mL/kg/min13.6±5.617.0±6.5<0.001
 % Of predicted53±1767±220.002
Peak Watts86±54111±660.001
 % Of predicted53±2576±31<0.001
Exercise duration, min6.5±3.29.2±3.30.017
Peak HR, beats/min133±20148±280.043
 % Of predicted83±1491±130.033
Peak O2 pulse, mL/beat8.8±4.611.2±4.80.004
 % Of predicted64±1781±200.008
Peak SBP, mm Hg158±31166±400.324
Peak DBP, mm Hg92±1489±130.571
VE/VCO2 slope41±934±80.002
  • BPA, balloon pulmonary angioplasty; DBP, diastolic blood pressure; RER, respiratory exchange ratio; SBP, systolic blood pressure; VE, ventilatory efficiency; VO2, oxygen consumption; VCO2, carbon dioxide production.