Table 3

Summary of large contemporary CTO PCI registry publications that reported outcomes for the subgroup of patients with prior CABG

AuthorYearN (CTO lesions)Prior CABG, (%)Prior CABG in successful PCI group (%)Prior CABG in unsuccessful PCI group (%)Overall, retrograde (%)Overall, technical Success (%)Overall, major complications (%)Overall, fluoroscopy time (min)Overall, contrast use (ml)
Olivari et al1320033765.04.56.9NR77.25.1NRNR
Rathore et al14200990412.611.917.71787.51.9NRNR
Morino et al1220105289.6NRNR2686.6NR45 (1–301)*293 (53–1,097)*
Mehran et al102011179115.913.620.9NR68.0NRNR448±229
Galassi et al112011198314.6NRNR1482.91.842.3±47.4†313±184†
Jones et al15201283610.216.57.4NR69.62.3NRNR
Present study2012136337.035.050.83485.51.842±29†294±158†
  • *median (range)

  • †mean±SD

  • CABG, coronary artery bypass graft surgery; CTO, chronic total occlusions; NR, not reported; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention.