Table 1

Effect of achieving venous thromboembolism (VTE) risk assessment quality target on patients by whether they were coded for a surgical room procedure or not during the index admission, examining those patients admitted for more than 3 days, and those admitted for less than 4 days (excluding day cases)

 95% CI
Relative riskLowerUpperp ValueN events
Non-surgical admissions >3 days n=2 590 547
 VTE deaths postdischarge0.9630.8141.1380.6531135
 Primary VTE deaths postdischarge0.8860.7141.0990.269669
 VTE inhospital deaths0.9000.8130.9970.0443302
 Primary VTE inhospital deaths0.8580.7241.0180.0791065
 All VTE deaths0.9160.8381.0020.0564437
 All primary VTE deaths0.8720.7601.0020.0531734
Non-surgical admissions <4 days n=10 719 502
 VTE deaths postdischarge0.7430.6020.9180.006761
 Primary VTE deaths postdischarge0.6170.4720.8080.001450
Surgical admissions >3 days n=1 550 794
 VTE deaths postdischarge0.8160.6461.0310.088516
 Primary VTE deaths postdischarge0.6240.4400.8840.008226
 VTE inhospital deaths0.9700.8191.1490.7231032
 Primary VTE inhospital deaths0.9190.6701.2590.596253
 All VTE deaths0.9220.7991.0630.2601548
 All primary VTE deaths0.7780.6110.9920.043479
Surgical admissions <4 days n=2 851 838
 VTE deaths postdischarge0.7300.4591.1620.184113
 Primary VTE deaths postdischarge0.5680.3031.0670.07862