Table 1

Demographics and rates of heart failure in previous large studies of women with structural heart disease

First authorYearNPercentage of patients with congenital heart disease (CHD)Baseline NYHA ClassHistory of heart failure prior to pregnancyHeart failure episode during pregnancyMaternal deathDiuretic use prior to pregnancy
Siu3200159974I–II: 96%2.6%7%0.5%1%
Khairy2 Pregnancy outcomes in200653100I—87.8% —12.2%7.8%16.7%07.8%
Women with CHD
Roos-Hesselink5 ROPAC2012132166I—70% IV—0.3%11%13.1%1%NR
  • *Not reported as the data were derived only from a survivor cohort.

  • CARPREG, cardiac disease in pregnancy; NR, not reported; ROPAC, registry on pregnancy and cardiac disease.