Table 4

Other complications during pregnancy and fetal outcome in patients with and without HF

Total group n=1321Patients with HF (n=173)Patients without HF (n=1148)p Value
Maternal mortality (%)14.80.5<0.001
Cardiac (%)
 Atrial fibrillation0.
 Ventricular arrhythmias22.91.80.35
 Thromboembolic events0.
 Bleeding complications postpartum4.94.650.85
Obstetric (%)
 Intra uterine growth retardation5.8134.6<0.001
 Pregnancy induced hypertension2.
 Bleeding complications during pregnancy1.
Fetal outcome (%)
 Fetal death1.
 Neonatal death0.
 Premature birth <37 weeks1530-13<0.001
 Birth weight <2500 g142413<0.001
 Apgar score <7 (%)10139.30.10
 Adjusted mean birth weight (g)*332833580.46
  • *Birth weight corrected for: gestational age, smoking, pre-eclampsia, fetal sex and nulliparity.

  • HF, heart failure.