Table 2

Grounds on which the DECREASE family of trials are considered discredited

DECREASE VIFictitious methods. 97% of the patients did not undergo a stress echo and the surgery as specified.
No consent forms.
Falsified description of method of outcome adjudication
Fictitious database.
DECREASE VFalsified methods of patient assessment (myocardial infarction and renal failure)
Fictitious adjudication committee
No record of the stress echo images or of the ‘5-member panel’ said to have evaluated them
No research patient records
No evidence of written informed consent
DECREASE IVFictitious ‘adjudication committee’ of cardiologist, anaesthiologist and surgeon (in reality adjudications made by surgeon alone).
Fictitious events that did not match hospital records or clinical discharge reports
DECREASE IIINot investigated in detail because:
No source data could be found to investigate
No written consent forms.
No contemporaneous documentation, only current verbal assurances
DECREASE IIFictitious method of establishing outcome
(DECREASE INot investigated as it was more than 10 years old)