Table 2

ORs associated with risk of in-hospital mortality from multiple logistic regression model fitted to the complete unmatched dataset

OR95% CIp Value
Biological prosthesis1.09(0.82 to 1.45)0.555
Age>75 years1.53(1.15 to 2.03)0.003
Female1.40(1.05 to 1.87)0.021
 Underweight (BMI<18.5)2.11(1.21 to 3.54)0.006
 Overweight (25≤BMI<30)0.69(0.50 to 0.94)0.021
 Obese (BMI≥30)0.76(0.51 to 1.10)0.154
Angina (CCS grade)
 Class I1.04(0.69 to 1.52)0.864
 Class II1.12(0.73 to 1.68)0.606
 Class III1.55(0.97 to 2.41)0.060
 Class IV2.53(1.38 to 4.52)0.002
IV nitrates1.74(0.79 to 3.57)0.145
Dyspnoea (NYHA grade)
 Class II1.09(0.60 to 2.12)0.786
 Class III1.71(0.99 to 3.19)0.072
 Class IV1.93(1.04 to 3.79)0.045
History of hypertension1.22(0.93 to 1.60)0.157
Pulmonary hypertension1.33(0.93 to 1.86)0.113
Previous MI1.31(0.90 to 1.89)0.157
Creatinine>200 μmol/L3.06(1.72 to 5.23)<0.001
Chronic pulmonary disease1.35(0.96 to 1.86)0.075
Left ventricular function
 Fair (LVEF 30–50%)1.09(0.81 to 1.45)0.586
 Poor (LVEF<30%)1.62(0.93 to 2.70)0.074
Urgent1.57(1.14 to 2.16)0.005
Critical preoperative state1.16(0.61 to 2.09)0.636
TV repair1.77(1.20 to 2.54)0.003
CABG1.44(1.05 to 1.97)0.023
  • BMI, Body Mass Index; CABG, coronary artery bypass graft.; CCS, Canadian Cardiovascular Society; IV, intravenous; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; MI, myocardial infarction; NYHA, New York Heart Association; TV, tricuspid valve.