Interval 0—starting at current ageInterval t-1Interval t
Risk of CVD event in age interval0at−1at
Risk of non-CVD death in age interval0bt−1bt
Proportion of original cohort having non-CVD death in interval0ct−1ct=et−1 x bt
Proportion of original cohort having CVD event in interval0dt−1dt=et−1 x at
Proportion surviving free of CVD at end of interval1et−1et=et−1−ct −dt
Cumulative proportion with CVD events by end of interval0ft−1ft=et−1+dt
Cumulative proportion dying from non-CVD causes by end of interval0mt−1mt=mt−1+ct
  • Note that et+ft+mt=1 for all t.

  • CVD, cardiovascular disease.