Table 2

Proportional hazards model for risk of death

HR95% CIp Value
Cohort (vs simvastatin monotherapy)
 High-potency statin monotherapy0.720.59 to 0.88<0.001
 Ezetimibe/statin combination0.960.64 to 1.430.847
Gender (female vs male)0.840.74 to 0.950.009
Age (per year)1.081.08 to 1.09<0.001
Smoker (yes vs no)1.441.25 to 1.65<0.001
Diabetic (yes vs no)1.441.13 to 1.83<0.001
Further MI during follow-up1.451.32 to 1.60 <0.001
Cardiovascular drugs (yes vs no)
 Aspirin0.570.48 to 0.69<0.001
 β-Blockers0.680.59 to 0.79<0.001
 ACE-I0.720.62 to 0.84<0.001
 DHP CCB0.570.47 to 0.69<0.001
 Non-DHP CCB1.060.84 to 1.320.624
 Nitrate1.000.86 to 1.160.582
 Statin compliance0.940.93 to 0.940.428
  • Cardiovascular drug therapy and further myocardial infarction were considered as time-dependent covariants during study period.

  • ACE-I, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors; DHP CCB, dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers; MI, myocardial infarction.