Table 2

General demographic and clinical characteristics of hypertensive patients

PhenotypeAllGroup AGroup BGroup C
Age (years)56.7±16.055.5±17.857.4±13.462.7±8.4
Sex (M/F)93/11557/6828/388/9
BMI (kg/m2)*31.5±6.831.4±7.231.6±6.331.9±6.0
White European ethnicity151 (72.6)93 (74.4)44 (66.7)14 (82.4)
Clinical appointments before screening5 (3–7)†5 (2–10)7 (4–13)
Clinic SBP (mm Hg)‡163±24.5160±24.5168±24.3168±22.1
Clinic DBP (mm Hg)‡92±16.390±15.195±18.894±13.3
24 h daytime SBP (mm Hg)§154±20.1151±19.7160±19.5160±21.0
24 h daytime DBP (mm Hg)§87±13.486±13.391±13.489±13.5
  • Group A—new referrals, Group B—follow-up patients with inadequate blood pressure control, Group C—patients referred for renal denervation.

  • *Body mass index (BMI)—data available for 185 patients.

  • †Average values for Groups B and C only, data are counts (number of individuals, sex) or counts and percentages (white European ethnicity), means and SDs (age, BMI, clinic blood pressures, 24 h daytime blood pressures) or median and 25%–75% quartiles (clinical appointments before screening).

  • ‡Clinic systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP)—data available for 204 patients.

  • §24 h daytime SBP and DBP—data available for 147 patients.