Table 1

Key model assumptions

Parameter descriptionBase case value
Model structureTwo state Markov cohort model
Modelled cycle length1 month
Time horizonLifetime
Costs and effects discount rate per annum3.50%
Parametric survival model CV mortalityGompertz
Extrapolation CV mortality post trialGompertz
Regression model hospitalisationPoisson
Regression model NYHA classGeneralised ordered logistic
Regression model QoLMultilevel model
Drug costs per month (£)
 Standard care average cost per month9.54
 Ivabradine average cost per month42.10
Other therapy related costs (£)
 ECG unit cost31.28 (12.01–44.30)
 CV specialist visit unit cost118.81 (89.48–138.97)
Hospitalisations cost per event ( £)
 HF diagnosis (general ward)2307.98
 HF diagnosis (cardiac ward)3295.12
 Other CV diagnosis (general ward)1942.44
 Other CV diagnosis (cardiac ward)1729.60
 Non-CV diagnosis (general ward)2643.56
Admission type given hospitalisation
 Proportion of hospitalised patients admitted in cardiac specialist ward versus general ward50% (40–60%)
Other resource use
 Ongoing HF management costs per month26.77
  • Regression equations reported in online supplementary technical appendix.

  • Ivabradine average dose=6.7794 mg, British National Formulary list price £40.17 per pack.

  • HF hospitalisation weighted average of HRG (Health Resource Group) codes: EB03H–EB03I.

  • Cardiovascular hospitalisation weighted average HRG codes: EA03Z–EB10Z.

  • All-cause hospitalisation HRG weighted average codes AA02Z–WA23Y.

  • CV, cardiovascular; HF, heart failure; NYHA, New York Heart Association; QoL, quality of life.