Table 1

Age-standardized baseline characteristics for the lowest and highest categories of leisure-time exercise and walking/bicycling, in the cohort of Swedish men

CharacteristicExercise at age 30 yearsExercise last yearWalking/bicycling at age 30 yearsWalking/bicycling last year
<1 h/week>5 h/week<1 h/week>5 h/weekAlmost never>1 h/dayAlmost never>1 h/day
Age, mean (years)57.160.957.963.655.962.859.962.8
Height, mean (cm)177178177177177177177177
Body Mass Index, mean (kg/m2)25.925.926.326.226.125.926.525.5
Postsecondary education (%)13.214.713.710.714.812.714.212.5
Current smoking (%)27.523.930.823.229.625.832.725.0
Aspirin use (%)36.935.037.534.137.235.838.434.4
History of coronary heart disease or heart failure (%)
History of hypertension (%)24.021.526.
History of type 2 diabetes (%)9.77.810.88.410.88.712.08.2
Family history of myocardial infarction (%)14.015.714.918.215.615.315.615.1
Alcohol intake, mean (g/day)9.810.710.210.810.410.110.79.9