Table 2

Determinants of neo-aortic size

βp Value
Age (years)0.031<0.0001
Years postoperation0.031<0.0001
Measurement by
 Echocardiography0 (ref)
 Magnetic resonance0.193<0.0001
 Before 19870.0750.535
 After 19870 (ref)
Surgical variables
 Age at operation (years)0.0920.002
 Weight at operation (kg)0.1010.251
 Time on bypass (min)0.0010.323
 Clamp time (min)0.0010.691
Childhood events
 Pulmonary artery banding0.4710.133
 Neo-pulmonary stenosis−0.2800.061
 Neo-aortic operation*0.0380.867
 Supraventricular arrhythmia0.5170.060
 Heart failure−0.8400.116
 TGA-IVS0 (ref)
Coexisting anomalies
 Abnormal coronary pattern0.2020.197
 Aortic coarctation−0.0620.771
 Bicuspid neo-AV0.4960.117
Neo-aortic regurgitation
 None0 (ref)
 Valve prosthesis0.8810.010
  • Bold p-value <0.05.

  • *Includes neo-aortic valve replacement (n=3), root replacement (n=0) and coarctation repair (n=3).

  • ASD, atrial septal defect; AV, aortic valve; IVS, intact ventricular septum; PDA, patent ductus arteriosus; PS, pulmonary stenosis; TGA, transposition of the great arteries; VSD, ventricular septal defect.