Table 1

Utilities and medication and event costs used within the model

ParameterInput value—UK modelInput value—Spanish modelReference
Per annum treatment costs
 Eplerenone drug costs£557€108623 24
 Standard care drug costs£0€0Assumed
 Concomitant medications£229€29023 24
 Eplerenone treatment initiation (one-off)*£463€11925–27
 Disease management and monitoring£443€6025–27
Event-based costs 
 HF hospitalisation£3463€332125 27
 Other CV hospitalisation£3001€498025 27
 Adverse event—eplerenone†£237€78625 27
 Adverse event—standard care†£280€113325 27
 Cost of CRT and ICD devices£5842€900525 27
 Average CRT and ICD device life5.8 years5.8 years11
Quality-of-life utilities 
 Baseline utility0.840.8414
 Utility decrement for patients who experience one hospitalisation−0.024−0.02414
 Utility decrement for patients who experience two hospitalisations−0.031−0.03114
 Utility decrement for patients who experience three hospitalisations−0.055−0.05514
 Utility decrement for new-onset atrial fibrillation−0.084−0.08428
 Lifetime utility decrement for adverse events—eplerenone−0.0003−0.000319
 Lifetime utility decrement for adverse events—standard care−0.0001−0.000119
 Short-term utility decrement for adverse events—eplerenone‡−0.0012−0.001219 29
 Short-term utility decrement for adverse events—standard care‡−0.0008−0.000819
  • *Two hospital appointments with a consultant and two sets of blood chemistry tests.

  • †The unit costs of the adverse events for each of the five events modelled for the two arms were assumed to be the same. The proportion of patients experiencing each type of event (hospitalised and non-hospitalised) was calculated using the trial results. Costs are higher on the placebo arm as more patients were hospitalised (23% of adverse events vs 15%) and more patients experienced renal failure which is the most costly of the five key adverse events included.

  • ‡Applied for 21 days based upon clinician advice.

  • CRT, cardiac resynchronisation therapy; CV, cardiovascular; HF, heart failure; ICD, implantable cardioverter-defibrillator.